Friday, February 1, 2008

Thank God for Mompreneurs

I've found a wonderful group of entrepreneur Moms, called the "Mompreneurs Online" - it is a group of lovely, intelligent, creative, supportive,business oriented working Moms with great ideas. I would be absolutely lost without them. When I lived in California, I had a group of creative Moms that I would spend every day with - writers, musicians, artists, photographers, organizers, etc. and we lived "normal" lives. We would pop our kids in the jogging strollers, walk to the parks, talk about business, brainstorm, talk about our wonderful hubbies, create ideas, share what songs we have writtten or whatstories were just published, and just plain have fun celebrating each other. I felt like I had sisters in California. Sometimes I feel like a fish out of water where I am, because life as a musician is aVERY foreign concept to most people in the Midwest. When I find Moms who are right-brained and or/business oriented, I CLING to them, because that is not the norm here. There are absolutely wonderful, wonderful people here - but being looked at as the "odd Mom who is a musician who has a CD" is kind of lonely. Thank God I have found my kindred spirits in this wonderful group of women. We help each other, share what we've learned with each other, offer encouragement when we're feeling defeated, and celebrate each others successes. When one of us feels sad, we all feel that sadness, and offer support. When one of us shines, we all shine!! I truly love this group of women. TGFM!!!


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