Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday Almost Over!

Jeez Louise - this has been an absolutely insane day! Founf tons of great sales - my favorite was from the Discovery store, The DVD series Planet Earth for $19.99 (retails $79.99) PLUS I got FREE shipping cuz I got a few things there that totaled over $75.

This was nuts! I am pooped! However, Cyber Monday continues for just a few more hours, and I am putting in my last reminder that Stardust ids on sale for the lowest it will EVER be - $9.99!! It retails at $24.99 - That is an over $15 dollar savings! But remember, once the clock strikes Midnight, we will all turn into pumpkins. No, wait. Wrong story. At Midnight the price on Stardust CD's will go back to it's regular $24.99, so don't miss out on these savings.

It is only available through CDBAby - with this link:

Happy days everyone!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Cyber Monday Sale!!

Heads up!!! You guessed it...Cyber Monday - ONE DAY ONLY!!!! You will be able to get our Multiple Award Winning CD, Stardust for the absolutely lowest price we will ever see - $9.99!!! Holy Toledo!!! It normally retails for $24.99! This is huge. Now is the time to stock up on the baby gifts for the upcoming year! This is only good on physical cds , and is only available at CDBbay, (not through our website.)

Here is the link:

Enjoy, my friends!!!

And while you're there, check out our new Christmas Sampler!!! It just became available at CDBaby!! It will be out on iTunes in the next week or so, but you can purchase it through CDBaby and import it into your iTunes.

I'll post more on this after Cyber Monday.

We hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving! I'm still high from the day - definitely my favorite holiday of the year. Hanging out with about 70+ family members, eating super delicious food, sipping Grand Marnier and singing carols and old favorites til the late hours of the night... A little slice of heaven...

xoox Cher :)