Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Submitting for the Grammy’s

In my last post I mentioned submitting for the Grammys - Stardust has been submitted –for 7 categories - it is a cool process. We have “submitted 7 entries” - this is not the same as a nomination – that comes later. This has been on our dream board for several years. It seemed so unattainable ’til we started walking through the steps.

Step 1: Recording the CD. We had to start with a recording that we felt was Grammy worthy. So we went into the studio with that attitude – Is it Grammy worthy? Which means, no cutting corners, every song has to be the best we can make it. We also had to plan the release date to fall within the eligibility period – for Grammy 2009, it would have to be released, and able to be distributed nationally (via brick & mortar stores or internet) no sooner that October 1, 2007 and no later than September 30, 2008.

Step 2: Get your credits listed on All Music Guide. Before a recording can even be submitted, we needed to be a member of the Recording Academy (formerly called NARAS). Before we could become members, we had to have several recording credits under our belt and be listed on All Music Guide. They can be on the liner notes of the recording you are submitting, or past projects - fortunately for us, we've recorded several projects prior to Stardust so getting listed on All Music Guide was just a matter of submitting the paperwork with all of our past credits. Once the paperwork was submitted to AMG, it took about 6 weeks to get listed, but once we were on AMG, we were eligible for Academy membership.

Step 3: Becoming Recording Academy members. This was so exciting – I have dreamt of being part of the Grammy process since I was a kid. All the years of watching the Grammys and envisioning me there – as an audience member, as a voting member, as a participant, as a nominee, as a recipient… these visions are the sugarplums that have danced in my head. So signing up online, was absolutely painless (almost anti-climactic) – we filled out a form, paid our dues…that was it. We got a quick confirmation online that our credits were accepted and verified. A few weeks later, we got the packet – we were official Recording Academy Voting Members!

Step 4: Submitting the Entry Forms. In July, we got another packet containing all the info about how to submit. There are 31 fields (genres) and 110 categories of music within those fields. I have to admit, the children’s music division is in dire need of expansion, as there are only a two …but I digress. There were plenty other categories in which we were able to enter Stardust, or tracks thereof.

So, over the next few weeks Gene and I went back and forth on which categories were appropriate, and entered online once again. With each entry my heart raced from the rushes of adrenaline…my hands are sweating now just relaying my excitement! And we got it all done with just minutes to spare before I hit a landmark birthday - oh happy day!!! We boxed up a package – 4 CDs per category - and shipped it off to the Academy, got the confirmation that it was received.

Step 5: Tell the World!! Okay, maybe not the world, but we definitely want to let people know, and if they happen to have friends who are voting members of the Academy, to please consider Stardust for a nomination…then we hope for the best!If it is meant to happen, it will. It may be a longshot, but it’s not impossible. We’ll know by early December. And if any of YOU are Voting Academy Members, your vote for a nomination is greatly appreciated!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stepping Away...

I took a couple weeks off of blogging, PR, computer work, just so I could get back into the swing of school - sometimes I wonder if it is a bigger adjustment for parents than it is for kids! And how the heck do parents of more than one child do this? Homework, ordering books, having clean clothes ready... gee wiz...I have a whole new respect for my mom - she had 6 of us!

So during my work hiatus I shampooed carpets, met with a personal trainer, gave two keynote presentations, organized and cleared out all my sons drawers that had clothes that were too small - by next year, I will pass this duty off to my son... I got a lot of rooms cleaned in the house...it felt good to get this all done - but no better than hiring a house cleaner would have felt. The end result is the same. A clean house.

The positive of all this is de-cluttering. Stepping away from my daily "work" routine allowed me to de-clutter a bit - not just my house, but also my head and spirit. I feel a little more focused on the things that I want out of my life, by taking a look at the things that are keeping me from or are distracting me from attaining what my purpose on this planet is, things I don't need in my life anymore - and letting go.

It ain't easy, but I'm ready to move forward.

In my last post, I promised to post about the Grammy's - I will get that up tomorrow. Cross my heart. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh yea, ...homework.

So, I haven't posted in a while. One word will tell you why...homework. Boo has started second grade. I liked Preschool, Kindergarten and First grade. He did his school work at school, would come home and we'd go to piano lessons, ride our bikes, make dinner, take a long bath, snuggle and head off to beddy by.

His world - and my world - are forever changed. Pages upon pages of math, spelling, and more math are coming home daily in his bookbag. The "tests" have begun - the teachers set goals that the kids need to attain in the classroom. I saw the despair on his face the morning of the math testing - he asked if I would still love him if he didn't reach the goal. And I saw the pride on his face when he got home from school, scoring well above the goals that were set for him. My little boy is growing up. I don't want to miss another minute.