Monday, June 23, 2008

Monthly Stardust Giveaway!

Every month through the end of December, you'll have a chance to win your very own copy of Stardust! Just sign up on our mailing list - easy as pie! We send out an e-mail every month with our updates, peformances, and the name of our lucky winner for the month. Visit our home page to sign up! And please be assured that we will never share your information with other companies - we like ya too much!
Thanks everyone, and, good luck!!

Cher :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Do Lullabies Help Sick Babies?

When I was little and would get sick and couldn't sleep, my Mom would rub my forehead and sing soft, soothing songs to me. It didn't make the fever go away or heal the chicken pox but it sure would calm me down and make me feel safe and secure. I do the same with my son, Boo, whenever he isn't feeling good, or just to help him relax.

Here is a great story about lullabies - "Science of Song: Do Lullabies Help Sick Babies?" by Juju Chang and Maggie Burbank - this was on May 29, 2008. And feel free to pop in your Stardust CD while you read. ;)

Friday, June 20, 2008

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks...

I was posting on another thread about my day yesterday - it was pretty exciting. But I realized that 3/4 of the things that happened yesterday were a direct result of being on the Mompreneurs Online board - had I not I joined Mompreneurs, these events in my day yesterday probably would not have happened.

1) We had 5 web sales - all from different places. Due to all the PR we are doing - before Mompreneurs, my PR was limited to local papers, and places where we were performing.

2) We were contacted by a wholesaler in Canada. Before Mompreneurs, I didn't know what a wholesler was, and never dreamed we would be getting requests for orders in Canada!

3) We got a dropshipper acct set up in California. Before Mompreneurs, never heard of DropShipping. Still figuring it all out too, with everyone's help there. Thanks!!!

4) We got a great review from another product review blogger site. (Parents With Style ) Before Mompreneurs, I had never heard of a Product Review blog.

5) We were contacted by a national magazine!! (More on that later,when it happens, but WOWEEE!!!!) Before Mompreneurs, I didn't have the slightest idea how to approach a national magazine, and I always thought it had to be a BIG company to get national press. I've learned so much and gotten the information necessary to feel very comfortable approaching any magazine.

6) I was able to hold an intelligent conversation about SEO, page rankings, and metatags. That sentence would not have been spoken from my lips 6 months ago. I owe all that to felow Mompreneurs, Holly, Jill, Amber, Amy and Lisa (and anyone else I am forgetting...) Thanks Gals!! You would have been proud of your humble student And, I have found an amazing community of great women there that I consider my teachers and my friends. Thanks, El and Pat for providing the Mompreneurs board, and thanks fellow mompreneurs for making this journey a great one!!

The other cool things that happened yesterday, - un-Mompreneur related - we booked a House Concert, and we also took a part time job putting together a choir for a nearby church.

I needed to do something for my spirit - I visited my friend, Reverend Wills, at his new home - a nursing home :( We were able to find a piano and sing some songs. Several residents wheeled themselves in to the little room and sang along or listened. I'm going to go again next week. THAT fills my soul. And at the end of the day those are the things that matter.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Um...did we just sing the National Anthem at College World Series?

Well, we just sang the National Anthem at the College World Series...the performance went great, but it was sure crazy!!!

We followed a game that was the longest game ever played in College World Series history, so it was a little bit chaotic. The plans were that Hubby was going to video the singing, so we could use it for some additional promo video clips (I have been working really hard this year on getting into better shape, I just had my nails done and spent the morning at the beauticians getting some summer highlights and a new do ... I even fit in to a jacket I bought just for this - sort of a mini goal I had set - and achieved, I'm proud to say :) So I was really looking forward to some new footage, especially after last year's performance, when my hair puffed up like the stadium's cotton candy from the humidity!!)

The best-laid plans of mice and men...I should've known better. The game was originally scheduled to start at 6:00 pm. The rumors going around the stadium, however, were that the next game wouldn't be starting til 6:30, since the last game went so late. So this year, because of the rumors, I just incorrectly summized that we would go on at 6:27. WRONG-O!!! Our escort was late in meeting us so I stood outside in line sweating like a little piggy. When he finally arrived I was informed I had 8 minutes to go potty, freshen up, have the "sitter" meet us to sit with my son before hubby, Gene and I go out on the field to do the anthem. We went on at 6:02. The stadium had JUST cleared out from the last game, so it was barely a quarter full when they got us out to sing. My hubby was not on the field - the sitter was still stuck outside because they were just starting to let the people in...she wasn't in hubby stayed with son, and we just rolled with it, and sang our hearts out - we gave our very best.

There was some huge camera on us - I don't know who it belonged to, but later we heard from lots of baseball fans that they saw us on a screen outside the stadium. The camera man did a fantastic job too, from what I was told. I didn't see it - I don't know if it aired on ESPN or not - it's all kind of a weird blur, because absolutely nothing went as planned! But you know what? You'd never know it. Ya just roll with it.

There's no business like show business, that's for sure and if there is any lesson for all of you WANTING to get in to the music biz it is this - BE FLEXIBLE and learn how to wing it, because winging it is all part of the game. I LOVE this business - you have to, in order to be insane enough to go into it.

And if any of you happened to tivo the game, can you let me know if our performance airedon ESPN?? And if it did, could you send me a video clip???

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Tornado Hit Close to Home

I have to share - cuz I can't seem to focus on anything else today. I sat up all night with my next door neighbor whose son was at the boy scout camp that you might have seen on the news today. This was one of the most difficult nights I think I have ever experienced as a parent. We didn't know til about 1 in the morn if he was alive or dead. Thank God he survived - 4 other precious boys didn't.

Last night, we were trying to distract my friend, just to fill up the hours of waiting with something that wasn't the looming, eerie silence of not knowing if her little guy was buried under a heap of concrete, or in a hospital, or dead. Sometimes she'd want to talk about her feelings, it made it better for her, but would also make it worse for her. Lots of meaningless babble - talking about American Idol, or Grey's Anatomy, but it didn't make the underlying truths go away. It was awful. When we got word that he was "on the list" - that he was okay, we were relieved, but it wasn't til he called then walked through that door 2 hours later and we got to hold him and hug him and hear his voice, that we could exhale a bit. This morning, he went outside and lowered the flag that was up on a flagpole he and his dad built 4 years ago. He's only 13.

Today, I can't even focus. I have tried working, and doing anything to distract myself, but it's not doing any good. Emotionally, I am numb. But all I want to do is hug my son and my husband, and I want to make chocolate chip cookies and go to the park and play.

Please keep all these kids in your prayers tonight - and give your kids an extra hug and kiss- there are 4 families here who can't. My heart is aching for them.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Singing National Anthem at US Olympic Swim Trials!

Gene and I have been asked to sing the National Anthem at the US Olympic Swim Trials July 5, 2008 in the eve. I am speechless. We are so honored to be able to a part of such a monumental event. We will do everything in our power to make it memorable and to inspire the Olympic hopefuls as much as they inspire me.

We have two national events in the next two months - the Olympic Swim Trials and The College World Series, June 14th, Opening Day Game #2, 6 pm. If you are around, be sure to say hey!! :)

I am also on a kick-behind Olympic Countdown-get-healthy-eating and exercise regimen. I'm on Day 3 - it's going well. I even turned down a dish of Oreo Cookie pudding hubby made... I'll keep you posted. My dear friend, Shell, had surgery today - gall bladder removed - I've been worried all day, but just got word that she is out and fine. Shell is making some healthy changes, and so are a lot of my Mompreneur friends. So I am in GREAT company - I'm ready to move on to the second half of my life with a new attitude - and an Olympic behind.