Friday, July 18, 2008

US Olympic Swim Trial/National Anthem on YouTube!! :)

WEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Just got the DVD of our performance from the U.S. Olympic Swim Trial - check it out here if you like!!

It's Friday - gonna make this short, so I can go snuggle and read a book with my boy - he is going to read me a story :)

Have a great weekend!!!

Cher :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I am Thankful...

Time to start counting the blessings again -

I have a great husband, a wonderful son and a dear brother. I am blessed.
I get to work at what I LOVE - music. For that I am truly Thankful.
I found a part time music job that will allow me to continue to work at getting Stardust out to the public, and discovered today that the person that hired us really does appreciate what we have to offer. That makes me thankful.
We learned that Ben might be back on a show by August 3. That would be wonderful.
The first of many contractors came out to give estimates on the damage to our house. Most everything will be able to be replaced, fixed, repainted and covered by our insurance. I'm thankful.
We are openly talking about where we will live in a year. Nothing is sealed in stone but we are talking about it. And we see that we have options. We had been frozen in "shock land", unable to move, because of the writers strike. Now, hubby is taking action, so we are becoming pro-active in our decisions, rather than sitting helplessly while the industry determines our future and destroys everything we have built over the past ten years.

Tonight, I count my blessings, and am thankful.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Calm After the Storm?

Okay...storms are over. We can see clearly now...Insurance man came out to assess the damage. Yikes! Good thing we have decent insurance.

Sometimes, I have to remember that it is all in bigger hands and that things happen for reasons. The storm, which ripped out areas of the back of our house and pushed me over the edge two weeks ago, may actually have been an awakening for me. It not only shook up the house, it shook up the household. My sweet 7-year-old son is still checking the weather channel every morning, and wants to discuss clouds, and how many miles per hour the winds will be each day... but it also made hubby and I talk about our future here in Nebraska, and weather or not (yes, intended) we want to stay here.

Heading back to LA is becoming a real possibility. And I feel comfortable.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Olympic Swim Trials is Flying 1st Class

Just got back from singing at the US Olympic Swim Trials - the Finals. There was a record attendance tonight for ANY US Olympic Swim Trial event in US Olympic history!! ... and we had the honor of singing at it!!! The event was like flying first class ... in every way. Every detail was thoroughly planned out. It was wonderful. Plus we got to hang out with all the past Olympians (yes, Mark Spitz was there) prior to the Swim Trials. The sound system was delicious. We stood in the exact spot where the medals were handed out. Our names were spelled out in this super- cool flourescent green waterfall!!! Our contact - Lou Brennan, from Austrlia -was absolutely lovely. Our escourt, Jason, from Omaha, was fantastic. I tell ya, have never experienced such a great event.

I am so humbled and honored. I have to get to sleep, but I had to share this small slice of heaven with you - it just doesn't get much better than this!!

Cher :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Life Happens

The past few weeks has been a reminder of what happens when I'm forced to step outside my office long enough to happens. Weddings happen. Storms happen. Death happens. Power outages happen. Hail with 90 mile an hour winds happen. Damage to homes happen. Friendships happen. Neighbors helping neighbors happen. Writers' strikes happen. Gas hikes happen. Life happens.

It's been a really difficult 7 months, in so many ways, and it has been a really wonderful 7 months in so many others. We've been feeling the economic crush. The writers strike has left my hubby out of work since November. And my entrepreneurial journey is a SLOW one - I am so happy we put out our latest CD, but had I known there would have been a writers' strike lurking the same month Stardust would be released, I might have held off on the project. Hindsight is always 20/20. But, life is a rollercoaster - sometimes I'd like to get off and ask for a refund, but for the most part, I enjoy the ride. Right now, though, if I have to endure one more upside down loop, I'm certain I'll toss my cookies.