Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where Have I Been? (Part Two)

It has been a whirlwind of a spring and summer - where has it gone? I'll tell you: To insanity and back...

Just when you think you know where you are headed, that whole throw-us-for-a-loop factor pops up and we're off in another unplanned direction.

So - we have been recording jingles, singing at cool events, and have also taken up two positions heading up the music ministry at a local parish, St. Elizabeth Anne Seton, and at a local high school, Marian High School, the latter of which is my old alma mater. It has been a wonderful year!! Working with musical kids again has just ignited my heart, and putting together a strong music program at a church with so many talented and wonderful people is just the greatest.

So where is Stardust? Doing wonderful, but I haven't had a minute to promote it. We're on the top of the charts at CD baby, hopping around in the Top 10 for Lullabies and in the Top 20 for Adult Contemporary! Not too shabby for two little Omaha kids...

But I want more out of this blog in the future. I want to somehow be "of service" - somehow. Haven't quite figured out how yet - free guitar lessons? Free choir instructions? I don't know - just something that can help others. That is when I am at my happiest - giving to someone else.

So, I'll return when I have something more to give :)

Til then,

xox Cher