Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's 3:28 a.m. - what am I doing up???

It's 3:28 a.m. - what the heck amI still doing on the computer??? Ther are not enough hours in a day - I've only gotten about 4-5 hours of sleep each nigh tfor the past wee - it has been CRAZY!!

As I mentioned, or ...rather...SCREAMED...on my last post, WE WERE ON DONNY DEUTSCH!!!!! THE and only... BIG IDEA!!! Holy Cow - how exciting was that??!!! Our video was featured in the "American Dream Team" segment. He said our names - and pronounced it right! Nobody ever pronounces "Klosner" right - OH DONNYY!!! :) I was in hog heaven. I have posted the clip on our "Press Page" so you can see it there. Then, two days later, (Wednesday), one of the local channels did a story in response to the Donny Deutsch episode, and fetured us in their "Oprah Extra" segment, which follows Oprah, and does a local take on whatever Oprah's topic was for that day. This day happened to be "American Dream" - hello???? What a coincidence!!! So Action 3 News did the whole feayure on us in the recording studio!! How cool is that? What was so great for me is that in my CD, I have a thank you to Oprah and Donny Deutsch,( they did a close up of the thank you's in the video) because they have been such a huge inspiration to me...and in two days time, I'm seeing my dreams come true being on Donny Deutsch and in an Oprah Extra!! (next time it will be sitting next to Donny Deutsch, and sitting on Oprah's stage :)

Life is feelin good.. Anyway, we were in the studi9 from 9 - 5, got home and press releases have to be sent out, punkin' needs to be picked up from a birthday party, pick up some Schlotsky's sandwiches for dinner, put Punkin' to bed, phone calls have to be made, hubby needs some smooches, boards have to be visited, blogs have to be written -and now it's 3:44. Time for bed.

Sweet Dreams, everyone!!

Cher :)

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