Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hi all! I just got back from judging a "Mommy's Bake -Off" - the last thing I need to be doing since I started on a diet on New Years - but it really was a lot of fun - plus it is always nice to meet other Moms from around the area - it's nice to meet other Moms from anywhere, actually - Moms are just plain cool. :) They had a raffle at this event - one of the Moms used all of her raffle tickets to win a copy of Stardust - and they had some good prizes!!! A free massage, gift certificates to restaurants, beauty salons, grocery I was honored that she would use all of her tickets on my CD. See? Moms are just plain cool. I was also voted "Most Unique Mommy" - must be my third eye...

We just got booked for a wine festival over Memorial Day weekend - I was hoping to go to Kerrville Texas for the festival over Memorial Day, but this landed in our laps and it's a new vineyard - I think it will be a great time. We also got booked for our first official House Concert, which will be March 29. I can't wait to do the House Concerts - we've done a few unofficial ones, and they are just awesome - very intimate, up close and personal. If you don't know what a House Concert is, check out they have a lot of great info...and, if you ever want to HOST one, well, we got some talkin' to do ;) Seriously, if your interested, get in touch with us - we'll walk you through it.

Gene and I go back in to the studio this Wednesday to start on our next CD, "This Old House" - a singer/songwriter CD of originals - been wanting to do this project for years, so we are psyched!! We also have a second Christmas CD that we are working on, so we're keeping busy.

I have started working with some teriffic gals on the PR for Stardust. I can't wait to see how this all unfolds! We're also updating the website a bit this week, so it'll be a busy one.

Alright, enough for now. I'm going to watch Star Wars with my hubby and my son :) We love Star Wars at my house - used the Star Wars Theme for the Recessional at my wedding!
Good night all - may the force be with you...

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