Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring is here!

My blog is about my journey with Stardust, being a Mom, being a songwriter and being an entrepreneur. As I have said before, every day is different.

What would you guess is the most time consuming part of being an Mom musician entrepreneur? Cuddling with my boy? Writing a song? Nope. Those are the easy parts. Recording? Naaa... once it is done, it is done. Performing? uh-uh. Wrong again. Give up? It is the marketing of your product. Unless you have the luxury of a massive advertising and marketing budget that you can pay someone to introduce your music to the world, you are in for a very fun, interesting and never ending journey - reviews. The not so good news is there is definitely a waiting game involved - once you submit your product for a review, you'll hurry up and... wait. Up to many, many months for larger publications. But the great news is, once those seeds begin to sprout, it is like SPRINGTIME - beautiful bouquets of wonderful thoughts, insights and opinions about your "child." It's like going to a PTA meeting, and your kid is having a really goodschool year, and you just hope and pray that the teacher "gets it" about your baby.

Been a busy few months submitting Stardust for reviews. But Spring has finally arrived, as reviews are popping up all over the place, and the sun is starting to appear. I think starting on my next post, I'll post any links at the end, that way I can talk about other stuff :)

Quickly though, just tonight we received our first review from a Product Review site, Boutique Flair, . Boutique Flair is owned by Krista Peck, who is a wonderfully warm and lovely person, and also a Simpsons fan so I immediately liked her :) Thank you Krista, for the beautiful review!!!

We also received a surprise write-up from the founder of Rhonda Dunaway. We had no idea we were going to be featured on the site and Rhonda shared how Stardust has worked like a charm in getting her son to sleep. We have included portions of Rhonda's write up in our upcoming Press Release, "Mothers Now Have Instant Relaxation Option to Help with Stressful Parenting Moments." Rhonda has a super cool site for Moms living in the Omaha metro area - she's a great gal and Rhonda's musings are witty and lots of fun. Thanks Rhonda, for the great write-up!!!

Stardust was also written up in the Lowcountry Parent - a great parenting publication in Charleston South Carolina, and thank you Leslie from Grill Charms for surprising us with a copy of the magazine in the mail! That was fantastic!

Stardust is now in 13 stores - we just added another Borders to the list - in Papillion NE. YAAAAYYY!!

I have to get some sleep - I babysat two girls ages 5 and 6 over the weekend - put them together with a 7 year old boy with no sisters and you have a very interesting, enlightening and exhausting weekend!

Life is good.

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Grill Charmer said...

Cher, I'm so very happy your "flowers are blossoming" :) You deserve it! You are such a fantastic person and talented beyond measure. (And you are welcome for the magazine :)