Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Couldn't Sleep...

So the Grammy Ballots arrived! I blogged, Twittered, posted, made phone calls. Immediately after, we went to do a tv taping - nothing big - just filling in for the people who sing at the Mass for Shut-ins... then babysat my 3 year old nephew and we wall went out for Chinese food. Came home. Twittered. Posted more.

I just couldn't get tired! I had 1307 butterflies in my tummy. I counted them. Each one. After the sheep. This is just so exciting.

Do I campaign? I haven't a clue. This is a first for me - hopefully, not a last. But I want to savor every second of this - new is good.

I didn't sleep much - but that just didn't seem to matter much today. :)

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