Friday, October 17, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

Just so darn busy! Busy with Boo's school work, making sure he is staying on top of his addition and subtraction, spelling and social studies... busy with my work, last minute submitting Stardust to Holiday gift guides, figuring out a fair price for octavoes, getting orchestral and piano parts off to our wonderful music copyists for our Christmas song, "I am a Carpenter" - a 200 member choir and orchestra at a church in Texas wants to use it in their Christmas program this year - WOW!!! (I wish I could hear the performance - I know it will be gorgeous!) And busy trying to balance family - housework, folding laundry, it just never ends. I would love a day of just - nothing. To sit and eat chocolate. And watch a movie that makes me cry happy tears.

Speaking of happy tears, one of my very best friends - Shell - and her two beautiful kids were in town last week!!! Oh, we had fun!! And oh do I miss her! I cried all the way from the airport to my beautician's where I had a hair appointment. She was new, and wasn't sure what to do with me when I burst into tears for having said goodbye to Shell 20 minutes prior... :( Fortunately, her gut instinct told her to just give me a hug, which she did, then went off to mix my colors :)

I am so fortunate to have good friends in my life - and I am so grateful!

Happy days everyone - take time to share a glass of wine with a good friend this week - it'll do your heart good (especially red wine with all the flavanoids ;) ) hehe...

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