Thursday, October 29, 2009

Los Peces en el Rio

Years ago, I would never have been able to pronounce the title, "Los Peces en el Rio" let alone sing a whole song by that name - in Spanish! Yet, we just did, thanks to the help of Tina (Banina), Diana (Ariss), Erica A., Vicki P. and all my "kids" in Paramount, CA. The song is coming out on a LONG overdue "Winter Sampler" which is going straight to digital (iTunes, Amazon, etc.)

We just finished up recording 3 songs - we were shooting for 4, but ran out of time. The sampler will still be a 4-pack though, and will include "Ave Maria", "O Come O Come Emmanuel", "Los Peces en el Rio" and our previously released Christmas single, "I am a Carpenter." The cool thing is that because of the way digital sales work, a person can buy a single or the whole sampler (brings me back to the days of 45's and 33's - yes, I was alive way back then ;) ) and even be able to listen to a portion of the songs before buying them! Halleluia!!! Gone are the days of buying a whole flippin' CD, having heard one good song on the radio, then bringing home the CD, poppin' it in the stereo and the rest of the album stinks. It's about time!

Next year, once we are done recording 5 more Christmas songs, if we do release it on a CD, it will all be based on demand,and limited runs. So let us know if the demand is there, cuz we're listening. In the meantime, fire up those iPods - and get ready to sing along - in Spanish, Latin and English. :)

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