Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nice write-up in the Omaha World Herald

Oh Hooray!!!

We got a great review in the Sunday Omaha World Herald - front page of the Entertainment/Travel/Arts section - from the well-respected Arts and Music columnist, John Pitcher. The World-Herald is the nation's 49th largest daily newspaper.


We've gotten a lot of press around and outside the country, which we are very appreciative of, but none have given us the results that the World Herald has. That very morning, we had a ton of web hits which turned into sales. The next morning, a store called to tell us they had sold out of Stardust. They Reordered. That night another store sold out of Stardust! Another reorder! Today, because of the article, we were contacted to perform for an event. To live in the house that Jack built.

Now that Boo is back in school, I'm going to start adding more content beyond Stardust. I am also going to start sharing some of my favorite things on this site, as I am involved with so many great mompreneurs, and I love to share the cool products these brilliant women have come up with.

We also have some summer drawings to do, so stay tuned and sing pretty. :)

Cher :)

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