Friday, March 21, 2008

Performance Week - Not One About Stardust?

This week is gonna be nuts - GREAT nuts - but nuts, nonetheless. The funny thing is, very little of it has to do with Stardust.

Sunday, (Happy Easter, by the way) we'll be singing at an Easter service using a lot of original music that we have composed over the years for church services (another topic altogether), Monday, one of the local news stations is doing a story on us, Tuesday eve we are performing at a cool event called Acoustic Roundtable III in a "writers -in-the-round" setting with a group of 22 other writers, Wednesday we're getting the piano tuned :). Thursday we are off, (I mean, not performing - we still have a business to run in every one of the daytime hours), Friday night, we are singing for a private event, Saturday morning we are singing at the National Anthem tryouts for the College World Series (we sang for the CWS last year, but everyone goes through the audition process every year - we are in the finalists - it's really a fun process!) Saturday night we have a House Concert, and then again on Sunday night, another House Concert.

Stardust is a lullaby album. Yet only one of these events is solely about Stardust (the interview - they are writing about the "i-Parenting Media Award" we won). But every one of these events has to do with survival in the music world - versatility, flexibility, exposure, a real passion and love for what you do, and a willingness to put in the mega hours necessary to be successful. And a very supportive and loving spouse and child who adore their insane mother and love seeing her happy. :)

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